6th Kayseri International Film Festival Sycamore of Cinema Awards Found its Owners

6th Kayseri International Film Festival Sycamore of Cinema Awards Found its Owners.

Plane of Cinema Awards owners have become clear in 6th Kayseri International Film Festival which
will be held between 8th and 13 th of May.

This year as part of Planes of Cinema Awards, presented by Kayseri International Film Festival to the
filmmaker who gives heart and soul to his cinema. Menderes Samancılar, the winner of the Lifetime
Honor Award, screenwriter Macit Koper, and cinematographer Sadi Çilingir were nominated for the
Turkish Cinema Award.

Planes of Cinema Awards at the 6th Kayseri International Film Festival organized by the Ministry of
Culture and Tourism, Kayseri Governorship, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality,
Central Anatolia Development Agency and Forum Kayseri and Anatolian Sinemacilar Association
will be held at the Opening Ceremony that held at Forum Kayseri Cinemas on Tuesday, May 8 at 20.00.

Lifetime Honor Award- Menderes Samancılar

In 1974, when he began his acting career, he was actively involved in more than 130 cinema films and
television series. The Fog, Zıkkımın Kökü, Watchtower and My Father with Wings films leading film
festivals in Turkey,he was the winner of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards.

Menderes Samancılar, who wrote poetry books besides his acting; Burned Forest Scent will meet with
fans in Forum Kayseri on Wednesday, May 9, on the signature day of his poetry book.

Turkish Cinema Labor Award-Macit Koper

In his career in art, he has made innumerable entries in such fields as screenwriting, acting and directing.
Glamor Lady’s Day Dreams, Journey of Scorpio, Fikrimin Slim Rose – Yellow Mercedes and Match movies
with leading film festivals in Turkey was the winner of the Best Screenplay prize.

Macit Koper, who left the trail with Zebercet character, especially portrayed in the movie “Anayurt Oteli”
She was awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 21st Antalya Film Festival for her role in a Sip Love movie.

Turkish Cinema Labor Award-Sadi Çilingir

Sadi Çilingir, who took his publishing career in Cinema Newspaper in 1989, Cinemascope, Gecce.com, Antrakt,
This Week, Ekotimes, Metropol, Cosmolife, Sole, Infinite Square, Candlestick Plus. Besides being cinema critic,
he also  interested in the promotion of Turkey’s leading film production company media presentings.

In 2005, he is continuing to make a contribution to his cinema with his personal website Sadibey.com
(Independent Communication Platform for the Benefits of Cinema and Film).