About the Festival

About the Festival

Our festival has been organised by the partnership of Yucel Cakmakli movie office and Anatolian Movie-makers association since 2013.With its experienced staff The Festival took its spot as one of the best  film festivals in a very short time.Our aim is to help young producers and directors to create new films in both physical and moral ways,to do the things that are required to get our country cinema to have a unique identity, to get our country cinema to be known in both nation-wide and world-wide, and to help national cinema improve.  As a misson, The festival, which aims to grow, plans to add new categories to the competition part and to show different regions and cultures of World Film Industry every year for the international part

*To introduce and to ingratiate the art of cinema to the people of Kayseri, and Kayseri to the people of Turkey and to the World

*To increase the aestethic level of the society with the help of cinema

*With ceminars and film offices, to increase the quality of production

*With the helps of media and people, to incent these activities to the nation-wide society

*To intrdouce the alternative cinema techniques to the people of Kayseri

*To improve the bounds of cinema and society.


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